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Name: Aeris Gainsborough
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Age: 22
History: History here. I am pretty much sticking to original game canon for the sake of simplicity and avoiding all of the small-but-myriad contradictions.
Canon Point: Temple of the Ancients/Just before her death.

Team: Chaos.
Cycle Goal: Aeris will seek to understand what it means to be on Team Chaos (through interacting with her teammates, I expect).

General -
She remembers the white materia is important to her, but neither why nor how to use it.
She has a vague conception of the lifestream, in the way that someone might have a hazy conception that there is something else after you die.

Specific -
Aeris remembers hearing the cry of the dying planet, that humans were responsible for killing it slowly, and that she is responsible for protecting it. This is the primary reason she is aligned with team Chaos. She does not remember that she used to speak with the planet as a matter of course, making this particular memory all the more powerful for her.

Personality: It's easy to misjudge Aeris Gainsborough at first brush. She comes off as a gregarious, upbeat young woman, compassionate and feminine and as green as the flowers she has such a fondness for growing. None of this is false - she's a consummate people person, unabashedly girlish in her demeanour and presentation, and she tends to look out at the world with wide-eyed curiousity - but it does belie the whole truth. Everybody sees the pink dress; the muddy combat boots are comparatively easy to miss.

Although she doesn't remember it, many of her traits were forged from a life of adversity. She's resourceful, brave, and independent, happy to work with and rely on other people but confident enough to take the initiative and handle problems on her own. Even if she could remember her time in the Shinra labs or the Midgar slums, she would hardly be bitter about it - on the contrary, she tends to take a no-nonsense approach to wallowing about the past. Her unwillingness to coddle people goes hand in hand with a good sense of humour about herself and others. She's playful and cheeky as often as not, and habitually defuses anxious situations with some good-natured teasing.

That isn't to say that she's lacking in empathy. Though Aeris is forward about her feelings when people are being indulgent (and the rest of the time, really), she's a perceptive and intuitive girl who tries to do what she feels is best for people, sometimes in very roundabout ways. Occasionally, she can be indelicate, but she cares about the people she surrounds herself with, and has even mourned her enemies. She may not be saccharine in her dealings with others, but she is a loving and maternal person all the same.

Aeris is also an emotionally driven person. Though she's mostly comfortable with this, with being prone to impulse and open about how she's feeling, she is also a very private person. Her burdens are her own, and she finds it difficult to voice her personal struggles with identity and loneliness, partially because she wants to find her own answers. When she needs time to process, she is very solitary. Gardening being her central hobby, she's quite happy with the alone-time it allows her.

Finally, her spiritual connection to nature and the planet have always provided an important refuge for her. She has lived her life with a finger on the pulse of the planet, felt its heartbeat and listened to the white noise of the voices of the lifestream without even always realizing it. Since losing her memory and being pulled from the planet, she has been plagued with a terrible sensation that there is a part of her missing, not as obvious as an arm or a leg, but just as integral. Her faith has intensified in its absence, though with nothing else to put it in, she clings to her sole memory of the planet - and the horrible pain she felt when it cried out to her, asking for help.

The City of the Ancients
Physical Description: The remnants of an ethereal, otherworldly city, the Forgotten Capital has all of the haunting beauty typical of long-abandoned places. Built among white crystalline trees, the city is almost wholly organic, the walls and pathways composed of jagged, iridescent coral and the houses made from giant swirling shells.

The central part of the arena is in front of one such structure, a particularly large specimen that stands silent watch over a still, cool lake. The sunlight in this area is sparse, only the brightest beams making it through the boughs of the trees overhead. The place seems peaceful and uneasy all at once. It's chilly here, but not enough for snow.

Media: One / Two / Three / Four / Five
Effects: Reraise/Auto-Life/Phoenix Downs/Other "last chance" abilities will not work here. Magical power is boosted.
Music: The Planet Is Dead / Listen to the Cries of the Planet